Why eco-friendly promotional items are good for your brand

At Corporate Merchandise Australia, we understand that you and your business, want to make sure that your business is eco friendly and that your promotional products are eco friendly as well.

Or you might not be sure why you should buy eco- friendly and are wondering why we have so many eco friendly products? Well, read below and find out how we have integrated eco- friendly products into our lineup and why you should care!

What is eco friendly and why should you care?

Eco Friendly means that the product is earth friendly and doesn’t harm the environment. For our products it means that the product is non-toxic and uses sustainable materials. A lot of our ecofriendly products are also made from recycled materials, like wood, glass and plastic.

A whopping 90% of Australians want sustainable products, with 46% of people under thirty willing to pay more for the products. So, people want eco sustainable products! Make sure your brand is willing to keep up with the times!

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Products

Make your business stand out – Show you care about the environment!

Trend younger – Younger demographics tend care more about the environment.

Do your part to save the Earth – We all need to pitch in to help save the environment. You can help do this by selecting products that are better for the Earth!

Ideas for ecofriendly products

Have an idea? Scribble it down in our sustainable notebooks

Help your customers not waste straws with reusable straws!

Enjoy a nice coffee in our karma Cups

Use a Tote Bag rather than a plastic bag during the run up to Coles or Woolworths! Did you know plastic bags can take ten to twenty years to decompose?

Need to measure something? Use our Eco Rulers

Everyone needs a note pad! Make sure it’s recycled.

Going to the markets? Take a Byron produce bags to store any fresh produce.

Meet our founder Stephanie Parsons

Director of Corporate Merchandise Australia (CMA) Stephanie Parsons has been working within the merchandise arena for 24 years!

If you are looking for an expert who knows her stuff inside out and who is passionate about personally getting to know her clients and their business and building long term relationships, then CMA is your ideal solution.

Coming from a family of Pro golfers and being heavily involved in Corporate Golf days, merchandise always played an integral role in helping companies to get their brand out there. CMA started out just with golf apparel and has since evolved into an extensive and comprehensive range of Merchandise across all categories catering to all requirements.

Want to get eco-friendly with your brand?

Contact the experts at CMA today on 02 9907 1700.

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