Four products that can help you be COVID Safe!

The sudden and quick lockdowns that have happened around Australia has shocked everybody. We need to make sure that you are ready in case of another lockdown!


Are your staff working from home? Get them a Dowex to help them work efficiently. It is a pen holder that acts as a USB hub so your staff can plug multiple USBs into it to have more USB ports. It also has wireless charging for their phone!

Portable EarPhones

Need to take Zoom meetings? We have earphones so you can take meetings from your phone.


Make sure it’s easy for your customers to sign in via QR Codes, have multiple stands around your business so they scan them!

Customisable Masks

If your staff are still in the office? Make sure they have comfortable masks – get them the best masks that you can customize with your logos.

Give us a call today so you, your staff and your customers can stay safe and compliant. Ring us at 9907 1700 now!

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