Portable Essentials for Remote Working

Working on the go? Travelling abroad? Hybrid working is here to stay, so make sure you’re leaning into the flexibility it offers. Your staff or clients can enjoy the perks of working from anywhere with our wide range of portable products.

From portable power banks and travel adaptors to neck pillows and headphones, let us find the perfect promotional product to help your brand take flight!

Work from anywhere with these travel essentials

With international selfies taking over our social media feeds, it’s pretty clear that air flight is back in a big way. Whether they’re travelling specifically for business or mixing work with pleasure, you can ensure they travel in comfort with promotional travel essentials from Corporate Merchandise Australia.

The key to a successful promotional product is to make it a practical product that will be used daily, with high-traffic branding space. So why don’t you put your brand front & centre on some of their most important travel accessories, such as passport holders, luggage tags, backpacks or travel adapters.

Important note: Ensure your travel adaptors are compatible for the most common destinations to get good use out of it! We love this Australian guide to international travel adapters from Skyscanner.

Corporate gifting for employees or clients who value their peace & quiet? We’ve got a wide range of headphones or ear buds available to suit any budget. Want to promote wellness and self care? We’ve got a luxury travel set with hairbrush, nail brush and exfoliator.

Or for those working from home, surrounded by technology, a notebook is a beautiful and tangible product that’s guaranteed to be used, and encourages a break from screens.

For those wanting tech options, how about multifunction charging cables, portable powerbanks or phone stands? Perhaps a wireless mouse or a USB? Or if you’re overthinking it, keep it simple with a quality lens screen cleaner.

Well thought-out promotional items can enhance your client relationship, and selecting travel items can give your brand the chance for international exposure.

Work with Corporate Merchandise Australia to create custom travel accessories for every situation. Whatever promotional travel gifts you’re looking for, we can help you nail the brief.

Want to know more? Contact us to discuss how your brand can stay ahead.

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