Ideas for Promotional Products

Ideas for Promotional Products this Autumn

Do you need some ideas for promotional products? We have built a list of promotional products to inspire you on ideas. See the hottest range of products in April 2023!

Reusable glass coffee cups are always a popular option. With the increasing awareness of the impact of single use coffee cups on the environment, your business can promote itself while reducing waste. These cups offer a practical way to enjoy their coffee on the go, while displaying your brand the whole time.

Lanyards are a great promotional product for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and events. But everyone has normal lanyards – we have glow in the dark lanyards! You can identify staff in low light situations or create a memorable time for customers with the glowing effect. 

Speaking of exhibitions, imagine this. You’re walking around with all the promotional products, but you don’t have anywhere to put them. Your brand can come along and offer them an expo satchel! They are a great way to showcase your brand’s logo over other brands.

Pocket note pads are a convenient way for people to remember your brand. We’ve all been there where you need a notepad to take notes. They are also infinitely customisable with multiple colours and you can print anything to them, perfect for a promotional product.

If you are looking for a way to promote your branding before NRL starts, this football may be for you. Our footballs are a perfect way as you can customise them with your logo and colours, and are a perfect way to get your business in front of a wider audience.

Need more options? Have a look at our new catalogue or contact us to discuss your brand and what will work best for you!

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