March Madness: Fun Ideas for Employee Engagement

As the leaves begin to change and autumn sends us all indoors, it’s the perfect time for Australian companies to embrace the spirit of employee engagement. March brings with it a golden opportunity to celebrate your employees, foster team morale, and create a positive work environment. Here are some creative ideas to keep your employees engaged.

1. Team Building

Kick off your autumn engagement with a team-building exercise – an oldie but a goodie, they’re popular for a reason!

Our top pick? Host an escape room challenge, whether virtually or at a local venue. It’s an excellent opportunity to encourage collaboration, problem-solving and teamwork.

Capture the memories with custom-branded merchandise – from lanyards or badges to snug hoodies, let your team carry the spirit of togetherness.

2. Office Olympics

Transform your workplace into a mini Olympic arena! Organise friendly sports competitions like chair races or a mini-golf tournament. Create teams, award medals, and encourage a healthy spirit of competition.

Customise medals and sports gear with your company logo to add a touch of branding to the festivities.

3. Theme Days

Inject some fun into the workweek with dress-up days. Let employees showcase their creativity within a corporate setting. Encourage participation with small incentives and consider gifting personalised corporate attire like branded polos or jackets for a touch of unity.

4. Applauding Achievements

March offers an ideal opportunity to spotlight your employees’ accomplishments, keeping that new year momentum going. Create a virtual “Wall of Fame” showcasing their achievements and milestones. Recognise their efforts in team meetings or through personalised shout-outs.

Enhance the recognition by gifting custom-branded merchandise like engraved pens or desk organisers, making their achievements memorable.

Ready to bring your March madness concepts to life? Contact Corporate Merchandise Australia to help you select the perfect products.

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